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There are only 5 main Autocar makers to lead in China: Huawei CEO



Huawei CEO China Auto Market

Yu Chengdong – the head of Huawei smart car solutions recently shared his thoughts on the future of China’s auto market. He mentioned that only 5 major tech giants that will rule over the auto merchandise.

Surprise or shock, but this is the actual point. Huawei CEO believes that the time ahead will bring such competition in the China auto market that only a handful of creators will be able to survive and bring out the best inventions.

According to him, the competition among auto brands will be as similar to the aircraft manufacturing industries. Although, the CEO has not defined any automobile cooperation specifically. But, he gave a hint by saying that AITO is capable of selling 20,000 units per month.

Sarcastically, the personality also says that it is better to opt for a fuel vehicle than purchase an extended-range vehicle. Currently, large-battery hybrids are almost similar to pure-electric vehicles and don’t have many differences.

Huawei CEO China Auto Market

But electric vehicles are best!

However, in the latter half of the interview, Yu corrected himself and said that extended-range smart cars are far better than fuel vehicles. Whether we talk about performance or functionalities, pure electric vehicles are the best.

Further, Yu Chengdong has shared his experience of driving an AITO smart car in his daily life. He compared the performance with the Porsche Cayenne that he used to drive in his early days, and said:

“The fuel consumption per 100 kilometers was five or six liters which was more than half of the Porsche Cayenne, but the acceleration performance was higher than that of the Cayenne. It is Half the fuel consumption, double the acceleration performance.”

Yu on Weibo wrote that AITO doubles the performance and reduces fuel consumption by half. This is not just a slogan, but a real value and experience that consumers can get.

Huawei CEO China Auto Market

Except for the AITO, the CEO didn’t mention any other brand. Hence, it’s not possible to say which brand will continue its journey successfully in the future. But we cannot deny the fact that Huawei is a well-known car solution provider in the automobile industry. Thus, it knows very well which smart automation can take over the market in the upcoming years.


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