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Huawei issued new SMS sending patent based on satellite communication



Huawei SMS sending patent

Huawei and its journey toward new patents will never get a stoppage. The company has recently issued a new and unique Huawei SMS sending patent, based on satellite communication. As usual, this segment has also packed some interesting tugs in its bag.

As per the reports, the latest Huawei patent carries the title “SMS sending method, related devices, equipment, and readable storage medium”. Alternatively, this gives the idea that the company could plan to work on new SMS features and their support for various smart gadgets.

On diving into the depths, we found that the patent suggests a useful method for sending short messages and readable storage media to relevant devices. Ultimately, this will help the users in the low network areas to obtain a universal short message service.

How the Unified SMS Sending will work?

Consequently, there will be two crucial parts in this whole SMS sending mechanism: the first terminal and the second terminal. The first terminal relying on the cellular network will transmit a short message to the second terminal.

Thereafter, the short message center will inspect whether the second terminal is in the satellite communication network or not. As soon as the center will identify the network location, it will prompt the information to the first terminal.

Once again, the first terminal will send the short message to the second terminal, so that now it can receive and react to the information. In this manner, it will help the users to connect with their noteworthy contacts at any time.

Up to this point, Huawei has attained a bunch of patents regarding satellite communication. And let’s not forget about the dynamic Mate 50 series that reflects the efficient Beidou feature in its core system.

In recent times, the company also brought communication methods and device applications related to the same satellite-oriented executions. On the flip side, the Mate Xs 2 is also in news to flourish the same function in the future. Yet, time will give us better answers over these speculations and patents.

Huawei SMS sending patent


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