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Huawei is planning to launch two new monitors with high-end features: Office monitor and e-sport monitor



Huawei recently steeped in a new industry with the launch of its first-ever desktop computer- MateStationB515, powered by AMD Ryzen. The main highlight of the system was the company’s self-made monitor display, which had a very elegant design with three-sided narrow bezels.

After the launch, this desktop hits the market with starting price of 159.00 euros. By looking at this successful response it seems that Huawei isn’t satisfied just with this.

We can expect that the company will make further development in this display industry and launch high-end flagship products in the coming days.

According to a well-known Wiebo tipster- Changan Digital King, the company is working on two more monitors. Among them, one model will use in the office and the second one will be utilized to show the e-sports content.

Furthermore, the tipster shared that the professional office-level display screen will come with amazing software capabilities such as a high-brush screen. There is a high possibility that it will equip with Huawei-featured functions.

About the hardware configuration, they are still hidden. As the tipster shared, the Chinese tech giant will hold a specific press conference in the future, where the company may disclose some more information.

Apart from the monitors, the company is working with GAC Aian to develop a next-level electric car. This L4 self-driving vehicle is likely to go on sale somewhere around 2024. (Read More)

(Source| Weibo)

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