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Huawei’s upcoming MateView monitor will produce minimum pixel resolution of 3000:2000 with 90Hz refresh rate or above



Huawei is still a newbie in the field of display-monitor. The company just entered this field with the launch of MateStation B515. This first-ever desktop of the company is available in both markets, in Mainland as well as in the global market.

Previously, we have reported that the Chinese tech company is working to launch a new display named “MateView” with an ultra-wide viewing angle. This 32-inch monitor features four-sided minimal bezels.

It was also mentioned this MateView will support a 135W power supply as well as wireless charging. This is really something new we were waiting for.

Following this news, we have another information that the monitor will produce 3000:2000 minimum resolution for high viewing quality and 90Hz of refresh rate or maybe more than this. This will suitable for professional office work.

Prior to this, it was also reported that the Chinese tech giant will soon unveil a new smart screen lineup without a camera under the theme Huawei Commercial Smart Screen and TVs.

Adding to this, Huawei V-series Smart TV recently launched on the “2021 Spring Huawei Whole Smart House and Smart Screen Product Launch Conference”. This series packs the latest software such as HarmonyOS including Huawei’s color gamut enhancement technology. (Read More)


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