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Huawei is leading the Chinese optical market, 800G transmission system becomes the main focus in industry




As time goes by, more and more innovations are coming in the technology field. Following the same trend, optical communication is also reaching new pinnacles and giving higher speed and larger capacity solutions.

Subsequently, the 800G transmission system becomes the main focus in the industry, after the commercialization of 400G high-speed optical transmission systems.

Related to this, Huawei is leading the Chinese optical market and not only producing the optical equipment but also developing the modules to take them to the next level of innovation. It has many advanced optical modules, optical chips, and other related products.

Recently, a list released by the market organization Light Counting, entitled top global optical module suppliers, Huawei secure third position. Also, the company launched an 800G adjustable ultra-high-speed optical module in London in February 2020.

This new product has the adjustment flexibility of the 200G-800G, and 48T of single-fiber capacity with a 40% increased rate in comparing with the existing modules in the industry. Furthermore, the transmission distance has been increased by 20%.

Another report revealed by the C114 in early March 2021, Huawei, China Mobile, and YOFC jointly carry out the optical transmission test of 800G within a range of 1,100KM. Huawei was responsible for the ultra-high-speed of the 800G module.

This advanced optical transmission market is further divided into two distinct sub-markets, one is a space and power-optimized market for shorter reach applications and the other one is a  high-performance market that maximizes system reach and spectral efficiency.

As mentioned earlier, the industry is focusing on higher speed per wavelength and it’ll grow more in the future. However, the Chinese enterprises in the optical industry are already taking the lead and Huawei occupies a good position among them.

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