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Huawei won the bid for the China Mobile’s procurement project



As per the latest information coming from China Mobile, Huawei has won the bid of the user data equipment for the number portability procurement project for this year. The news was formally posted on the official website of China Mobile.

The acquirement announcement revealed that this year the China Mobile purchased brand new devices for the data equipment procurement project, which covers NP AUSF/UDM/UDR number portability user data network element equipment.

Furthermore, the acquirement project will cover about 30 million households with a basic aptitude and 10 million households with 5G network facilities.

The representative of China Mobile explained that the company is finally working on the single-source procurement because the previous two bids weren’t going well for this procurement project. At last Huawei Technologies finally won this bid and will further continue this project.

Besides, a few days ago Huawei finally won the trademark name for the Hongmeng OS  which was previously refused by the CSIPA (Chinese State Intellectual Property Authority). (Read More)

(Via- Ithome)

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