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Huawei improving itself in chip designing, won’t need ARM in the future



On May 22, UK based chip designer ARM, said that it’ll comply with the US restriction on Huawei, therefore the company has stopped doing business with Huawei and its subsidiary but peoples related to this matter says Huawei can still develop its own chips such as Kirin 980 on its own without the help of ARM.

ARM reportedly planning to stop working with Huawei

In terms of CPU, the EDA (Electronic Design Automation) tools that the company is continuously improving, Huawei has also obtained the permanent use rights of ARMv8 and has become very skilled in the design process of chips, as well as the modification of the architecture, said an analyst.

ARMV8 is the successor to ARMv7, an ARM instruction set architecture announced in 2011 which brought a large number of fundamental changes to the instruction set, including the introduction of 64-bit operating capabilities.

It’s not necessary for ARM to provide V9 to Huawei because the company is able to upgrade its current V8 design, they believed.

Recently, Huawei said to have stockpiled enough chips and other vital components to keep its business running at least three months.

Ren Zhengfei, Founder and CEO told in an interview with Bloomberg, “We have made some really good chips, being able to grow in the toughest battle environment, that just reflects how great we are.”

Analysts said that HiSilicon’s best friend at the time is Taiwan’s TSMC and as far as it’s being served by the Taiwanese chipmaker, there are no worries for Huawei.

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