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Augmented Reality (AR) market will reach US$300 billion by 2025: Huawei



On June 17, 2021, At Huawei Better World Summit for 5G + Ar, Huawei Carrier BG CMO Bob Cai delivered a keynote speech titled 5G + AR labeled as “Turning Dreams into Reality”. During his speech, Cai explained the possibility of AR technology powered by 5G network and its expanding market presence.

Cai also announces the release of AR Insight and Application Practice White Paper, which offers insights into the AR industry in terms of devices, applications, and networking.

Big market:

Huawei and third-party analysts predict that the AR market will reach over US $300 billion by 2025.

“AR will first see massive adoption in five prioritized industries: education, social networking, shopping, traveling & navigation, and gaming,” said Cai. “AR can truly enable the convergence of the physical and digital worlds, making dreams a reality.”

Huawei AR Engine:

Cai also introduced Huawei AR Engine, the company’s AR development platform oriented toward mobile devices. With Huawei AR Engine, developers need to write only 10 lines of code to create AR effects, hugely increasing the efficiency of AR application development.

Mutual collaboration and mutual success:

There a number of renowned people from teh industry joined the event and delivered the keynote, sharing the latest AR use cases and their thoughts on AR’s future in the industry.

According to He Chengjian, Director of Shenzhen Communication Management Bureau, AR can be used for a variety of industries including industrial production, e-commerce, real estate, home decor, culture, sport, tourism, healthcare, and education.

“If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together. The development of AR requires the entire industry to work together and create a prosperous 5G + AR value chain. AR and 5G are combining at the right time. 5G switches on AR, and AR lights up 5G.” said Cai in his concluding remarks.

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