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Huawei Hubble is now shareholder in Suzhou Jingtuo semiconductor firm




Huawei Hubble is fully focused on making investments in the semiconductor industry and continuously expanding its stakes. According to the latest information, Huawei Hubble has bought shares in various China-based semiconductor firms including Suzhou Jingtuo.

As per the China Intellectual Property database, Suzhou Jingtuo Semiconductor Technology’s capital has increased by 25% accounted for 1.25 million yuan. Now, its registered capital is 6.25 million.

More interestingly, Huawei Hubble is now one of the shareholders in Suzhou Jingtuo. It is a kind of limited partnership. Furthermore, Huawei Hubble also invested in photoresist company Xuzhou Bokang and technology and Qingdao Tianren Micronano.

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Huawei Hubble Suzhou Jingtuo

About Suzhou Jingtuo:

Suzhou Jingtuo firm was founded in August 2020 and the legal representative is Ai Fanfan. Its business field includes manufacturing of special equipment for semiconductor devices, sales of special equipment for semiconductor devices, photovoltaic equipment and components manufacturing, software development, technology development, and more.

Huawei Hubble:

For investment, Huawei has built an independent and controllable supply chain in the semiconductor market with its Shenzhen-based Hubble Technology.  This subsidiary is fully focused on making investments in the semiconductor industry, including IC design, electronic design automation (EDA), and so on virtually covering every part of this market.


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