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Yongdong Technology added Huawei Hubble as new partner



Huawei Yu Chengdong high-tech talents

The Chinese Intellectually Office reported on 3rd November that, Huawei affiliate Shenzhen Hubble has joint hands with Yongdong Technology. Although the partnership is limited, Hubble successfully becomes its new partner.

According to the info, Hubble’s registered capital increased from 513.8 ten thousand Yuan to 6.5872 million Yuan, after the contract. Meanwhile, a total of 28.2% increase is recorded in the graph. Lets’s check what the data shows-

About Yongdong Technology:

The Yongdong Technology Co., Ltd. which is also known is located in Shenzhen. The company was established on May 31 in 2018. Furthermore, its business sectors include publication retail, audio-visual product retail, bulk food retail, and other businesses.

In addition, it has a well know brand named- RunningQuotient. It’s a cloud team that focuses on the scientific analysis running training. Besides, it also analyzes users’ personal record big data to provide the most professional online coaching service and various scientific training tools.

Huawei Hubble Yongdong Technology

Huawei Hubble and Yongdong Technology Corporation

It’s really new for Huawei subsidiary Hubble to invest in Yongdong Technology. Seems like the company also wants to bring new running scientific analysis instruments to empower its fitness accessories.

Prior reports suggest that Huawei has ramped up its research process in the field of medical and health. The company has recently opened its largest sports health science laboratory in Dongguan.

In the meantime, the company’s new blood pressure measurement wearable is in line to launch soon. The information shows that it has passed the National Medical Products Administration Class II medical device registration certificate.

Thereby, it’s no surprise if Huawei’s backup firms getting in partnership with this famous fitness guidance company of Shenzhen. We may expect a new fitness device or health software from this collaboration.

However, Hubble Investment’s main priority is still the chip-making foundries to make a stronger presence in the market. To date, the company has successfully invested in 30 companies from various fields.

(Source: CNMO)

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