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Huawei has a new processor to replace Intel and AMD chips?



Huawei new processor Kirin chipsets

Since 2019, Huawei has been facing several restrictions in the name of the U.S. entity list that prohibits the company from purchasing and getting new hardware components from the U.S. tech makers. Although, the company has been working on various solutions from AMD and Intel to get rid of all of the supply chain issues but Huawei may also be working on its own to make a new processor.

According to the information, Huawei has a new processor called “Pangu” (translated) that will be used in PC computers. The aim of this processor is to replace Intel and AMD chipsets used inside laptops and PCs. Meanwhile, there’s no official confirmation on the launch of such a processor but it’s revealed that the unveiling could take place in June next year.

Furthermore, the Pangu processor could appear first with next year’s MateBook models and it could be designed for the high-performance PC or non-consumer-based groups.

Huawei new processor Kirin

From the architecture side, the new Huawei processor is likely to feature ARM architecture related to the Kirin imprints and identical to Qualcomm Snapdragon cx/c series

By making some adjustments in performance and controlling power consumption to make it more suitable for PC platforms. On the other hand, the performance of the processor with this architecture cannot be compared to that of the x86 version, it’s very hard to adapt the operating system, components, and equipment.

However, it could run smoothly with limited apps and customization derived especially for the government sector or non-consumer-based area.

Huawei 5nm Kirin notebook:

A previous report suggests that Huawei has a new MateBook notebook to equip with Kirin 9000 series processor with a 5nm build process. it’s being reported that this is a stripped-down version of Kirin 9000 introduced first with the Huawei Mate 40 series in 2020. However, the platform has improved the overall quality and performance, yet it’s the last chipset that has made an entry in the Kirin lineup.

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