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Huawei HMS 2021 Apps UP Contest, includes developer incentive plan of 1 million US dollars



On 10th June 2021, Huawei organizes the HMS Global Application Innovation Competition- Apps UP in Beijing, China. It was focused on the core capabilities of HMS, new innovations, and defining the future scenario of the Internet of Everything.

World’s top software developers, technical specialists, senior investment institutions, tech media experts, non-profits organization provisions, official authorities of Internet companies are part of the judges’ panel.

At the event, the senior vice president and director of Huawei, Chen Lifang gave a speech on “The Stars Are Everlasting, Walking Together” via video conference. She raises many topics such as HMS interface, digital intelligence, female developer support program, educational empowerment, and more.

Huawei Mobile Services (HMS )

Speaking of HMS, she elaborated that HMS is not limited to its own products and services, and opening API interfaces. It aims to become a passageway to connected the consumers, developers, and third-party service providers for a more prosperous user experience.

Furthermore, she informed that Huawei has more than 4 million registered developers worldwide while the number of unified HMS Core applications has been exceeded 134,000 across the globe by the end of May this year.

To be mentioned, Huawei HMS core is the third-largest mobile application ecosystem in the world, covering more than 170 countries and regions. The growth is remarkable and achieved with the support of global developers and partners.

Female developer support program:

Huawei committed to supporting female developers so that they can come to the front and show their glory in front of the world. The company has also plan for educational empowerment concerning different ages, countries, and levels of economical development.

We set up such plans and awards to hope that outstanding female practitioners in the field of science and technology can come to the front, stand under the spotlight, and show their self-worth.

I also hope that their achievements can inspire more people. Women, bravely pursue their dreams, said Chen Lifang

In this line, the company offers the Science and Technology Women Award, ICT training programs, Huawei Female Developer Program, and more. However, they are limited to  Ireland, Argentina, Bangladesh, Kenya, South Africa, etc.

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