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Huawei HarmonyOS Supported Device Platforms



Powered by HarmonyOS

Huawei’s self-developed operating system, HarmonyOS is made to deliver an all scenario user experience across different devices and platforms including smartphones.

At Huawei Developer Conference 2019, HarmonyOS (Hongmeng) made its debut in smart TVs. After a year, At HDC 2020, Huawei extended the platform reach of HarmonyOS 2.0.

List of HarmonyOS support devices includes:

  1. Smartphones/Tablets
  2. Smart TVs
  3. Wearables
  4. Head units
  5. SmartVision devices
  6. LinkIoT module devices

Powered by HarmonyOS

Current Developments:

  1. In September 2020, Huawei released a beta HarmonyOS version for smart TVs, wearables, and head units. Huawei also announced open-source HarmonyOS for 128 KB to 128 MB third-party LinkIoT module devices and SmartVision devices.
  2. In December 2020, Huawei released a beta HarmonyOS version for smartphones.

HarmonyOS development process will be adopted by Huawei platforms with the following memory capacities and SDK release date.

  • From September 10, 2020 – Device with 128KB to 128MB RAM (Smart screens, smart wearables, and car devices)
  • From April 21, 2021 – Device with 128MB to 4GB RAM (smartphones and tablets)
  • From October 2021 – Device with 4GB to more than 4GB RAM

On December 16, 2020: Huawei opened the HarmonyOS 2.0 developer beta recruitment for the Huawei P40, P40 Pro, Mate 30, Mate 30 Pro, and MatePad Pro devices in China. So that the development process of its app ecosystem can move forward.

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