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Huawei HarmonyOS helped Xiaomi to think about MIOS: Opinion



Xiaomi MiOS HarmonyOS

It seems like the success of HarmonyOS has influenced the Chinese smartphone industry as we begin to see news that Xiaomi is really serious about the MIOS software launch.

Tipster DigitalChatStation shared information that Xiaomi could discontinue the MIUI software. This is the current software skin that the phone maker uses on top of the Android.

Also, MIUI 14 could be the last official MIUI version. It indicates that Xiaomi has prepared a successor software. Although, there’s no specific name leaked but past findings show that it could called “MIOS”.

The name has been found in the trademark filings. However, Xiaomi has not announced anything on this matter at the moment. Revealing more, the tipster said that the new Xioami software will focus on the performance but animations of the software need some improvement. Aside from that, the software aims to cover all of its device ecosystem.

MIUI is ending and MIOS could launch soon


In 2019, Huawei launched its own HarmonyOS operating system. Initially, the company had no trust from the industry due to its age and small app ecosystem.

With a futuristic strategy, Huawei made a huge investment in the app development environment and made many collaborations with industry partners. The OS supports platforms including smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, smart car cockpit, and other third-party electronics.

The company now hosts millions of HarmonyOS developers and is alluring more to build a better HarmonyOS ecosystem. According to official figures, the HarmonyOS operating system currently runs on over 700 million devices from the Huawei ecosystem.

700 million HarmonyOS

Amid its current success, HarmonyOS went through a long and tough journey for four years with continuous improvements and changes. It’s the only major Chinese operating system that made remarkable progress against Android and iOS.

This progress and the aftermath resulted in allowing Chinese phone makers to come and try a similar approach. One such example is Honor, which last year, switched track to gain more control over the mobile software with MagicOS while retaining an Android connection at the bottom. MIOS could be the perfect example of this approach inspired by HarmonyOS and we would like to see how Xiaomi plays around this unreleased software in the near future.

MIOS launch date?

This new Xiaomi software could be unveiled this year in China at the earliest but we need official confirmation.


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