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Huawei global supply chain vice-president Yang Jian joins Denglin Technology




Yesterday, the GPU chip-centric firm Denglin Technology announce that former Huawei global supply chain vice-president Yang Jian recently joins this company.

He will work as the vice president of global operations and will be responsible for large-scale mass production of products, strategic integration of high-quality resources in the supply chain, and refined procedures.

Yang Jian Service Journey:

The news shows, Yang Jian serves as the vice president of the global supply chain in Huawei. During his service, he supervised the company’s US network and business unit including data center products, enterprise services, base stations, etc.

Besides, he has 25 years of work experience in supply chain operations and strategic management. Other than Huawei, his working career includes Apple’s iPhone supply chain supply head in China. Prior to this, he worked as vice president of global operations for Technicolor SA/Cisco.

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Now he finally joins Denglin Technology, which is currently focusing on the GPU+ architecture that enters mass production.  He is determined to provide his precious contribution to its growth.

 “I will be committed to building a Efficient and agile supply chain and customer-centric operation team. The company’s independent research and development of innovative technology GPU+, with customer needs as the goal, cooperate with supply chain partners to carry out high-quality, large-scale production, and ultimately achieve customer satisfaction. Delivered to help Denglin become a 100 billion-level AI chip platform company.”

-Said Yang Jian

About Denglin Technology:

Denglin Technology is a chip-centric system solution provider founded in 2017 and headquartered in Shanghai, China. It’s the first domestic cloud AI computing platform company to build GPGPU (general-purpose graphic processing unit) core technology entirely by independent innovation.

Furthermore, its business scope also includes computers, general-purpose semiconductor parts, and other peripherals. The company is working to create a new generation of AI general-purpose accelerators to achieved commercialization in multiple industry application scenarios.

(Via- Ithome)

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