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Huawei France announced the launch of 5G equipment production plant



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On January 26, 2021, Huawei announced the official launch of the Huawei 5G equipment production plant which will be located within the Brumath Business Park in the Greater Region France. And the plant is expected to open in 2023.

It is the first production site of mobile communication base station equipment and providing technical equipment for 5G installed outside of China. After the announcement of the project by the President of Huawei, Mr. Liang Hua said construction work could start as early as this year and the plant is expected to open in 2023.

Huawei is committed to working with French companies for the design and construction of this plant, which represents an investment of 200 million euros, 300 direct jobs initially and 500 eventually.

Also, Huawei plans to recruit local talent, in France and mainly in the Grand Est Region, in many areas, including engineering, production, and quality control. But also to support administration, purchasing, financial services, IT services, human resources, and field operations.

“This factory is the first such production unit that we are building outside of China. This decision demonstrates our attachment to France, where we have been present since 2003, and our desire to make a long-term commitment ”, says Catherine Chen, Vice-President, and member of the Board of Directors

“The choice of the Brumath Business Park was facilitated by cooperation based on trust, between Huawei and representatives of the State, of the Grand Est Region and of the Haguenau Agglomeration Community. We are happy with the work accomplished together ”, concludes Jacques Biot, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Huawei France.

With this factory located at the crossroads of Europe, Huawei enriches its presence on the continent, which is already strong with 23 R&D centers, more than 100 partner universities, more than 3,100 suppliers, and an efficient supply chain.

Previously, Huawei said this new manufacturing plant will primarily manufacture supplies for its European customers and will improve the timeliness and reliability of Huawei’s equipment deliveries to European customers.

Moreover, Huawei plans to use eco-friendly materials and construction processes to built this factory, limit the use of non-recyclable and non-biodegradable resources, and reduce waste emissions. They also committed to drastically limiting the energy impact of this factory. It is a strong ambition of the company to place environmental protection at the heart of this project.

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