Huawei set to open its first 5G equipment factory in Europe, investing over 200 million euros

The Chinese tech giant on Friday announced that it will build a new wireless communication product factory in France and first in Europe, specialized for 4G and 5G radio equipment.

Huawei says this new manufacturing plant will primarily manufacture supplies for its European customers and will improve the timeliness and reliability of Huawei’s equipment deliveries to European customers.

Huawei has planned to invest over 200 million euros (219 million US dollars) for this new plant. The facility will also have a demo center, wireless base station showcase, software loading, and testing process.

Under its main purposes, the plant will cover the supply chain and drive local industries forwards including R&D, sales, procurement, production, logistics, service, and talent development.

It is estimated that this project will generate 1 billion euros worth of products annually and directly create 500 jobs.

Huawei mentioned that it has operated in Europe for 20 years, directly employing over 12000 employees. Huawei has directly and indirectly created approximately 170,000 jobs in Europe as a result.

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