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Huawei filled hexagonal graphic trademark including Huawei text and five stars



Huawei hexagonal trademark

Huawei has recently applied for a new graphic trademark that has a hexagonal shape with Huawei text and five stars. This filled trademark looks like a certification-type logo and the current status of the application is applied for registration.

As per the information, this graphic trademark’s international classification includes advertising sales and website services. Previously, Huawei has not ever filled registration for this kind of trademark.

At the moment, there is no information related to Huawei hexagonal graphic trademark and its use. But, it can be expected to use in the third-party home appliance equipped with the HarmonyOS system.

Since April 2020, Huawei is collaborating with third-party brands to develop and use HarmonyOS in their devices. So far, several brands such as Midea and more have launched the product with HarmonyOS capabilities.

Huawei hexagonal trademark

Huawei HarmonyOS:

Huawei has developed the HarmonyOS operating system with distributed capabilities for the Internet of Everything. It can integrate multiple devices into a single device to operate, using the Super Device feature.

As per the previous data, Hauwei has over 120 home appliance companies and 20+ hardware manufacturers, which have joined the HarmonyOS ecosystem. These companies have started developing smart home appliances that support HarmonyOS for providing a smart life experience to consumers

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