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Huawei innovated a new technology to remove glasses from face images



Huawei face glasses technology

On April 6, 2022, Huawei has received approval for an amazing patent technology, which can remove the glasses from the face image. However, this patent was entitled “a method and device for removing glasses in face images”.

According to information, the new Huawei technology to face glasses from the images is authorized in China. This technology can easily recover the face image after the glasses are removed.

This technology seems to be very impressive and unique as can remove the glasses from face images without disturbing the original image and its quality. To know more about, how this technology works? check the complete description below.

Huawei face glasses technology


The patent description reveals that it is used to solve the problem that after the glasses are removed in a face image with glasses in the prior art, the pixel value of the point where the glasses are located is 0, and the face information is lost.

The method for removing glasses in a face image includes:

  • Acquiring an image to be detected ( S101 )
  • Extracting facial features in the image to be detected through a first convolution layer ( S102 )
  • Determining the image through a second convolution layer Eye region features in the facial features of the face, and filter the glasses region features in the eye region features ( S103 )
  • Correct the filtered facial features through the first deconvolution layer ( S104 ) and pass the second deconvolution layer.
  • The face facial features corresponding to the glasses region in the corrected face facial features are generated by stacking layers to obtain a face image without glasses ( S105 ).

Huawei face glass technology

(Via: ithome)

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