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Huawei patents a new folding phone design to increase display area



Huawei patents folding phone design

In today’s scenario, all the major smartphone makers are focusing on their foldable segment to equip them with the best hardware and software technology. In this line, Huawei patents a new folding phone design with a side-pulling screen in China.

On September 29, 2020, Huawei has applied for a patent “a folding side-pulling device and electronic device,” which is officially approved on April 12, 2022. However, the company has published this patent with announcement number CN114338860A.

According to the patent description, this patent design can extend the size of the screen after unfolding by side-pulling the screen. By exploring the patent design, it seems that the phone has a side-pull slider structure for smooth pulling of the screen.

Huawei patents folding phone design

Huawei patents new folding phone design: 

Following the information, Huawei’s aim behind this patent design is to increase the size of the display area. After side pulling the screen, the display can extend to double or more than double.

It seems to be an amazing idea to serve large display smartphones to consumers that can turn very small after folding. So far, the Chinese tech maker has introduced vertical and horizontal folding style smartphones and the company is working to launch something new and interesting.

Aside from patent approval details, there is no information available on whether Huawei will launch such a type of smartphone or not. To know more about Huawei technologies, stay connected with us.

Huawei patents folding phone design

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