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Huawei files Petal Translate trademark, could be a replacement for Google Translate



On February 2, 2021, Huawei filed a registration for a new trademark named Petal Translation with the application number 53487717 in China. Its international classification is under 42 categories of design research.

The trademark application shows that Huawei is working in the field of content translation. The translation technology involving the translation of any text, document, and more from one language to another to make the reader’s life easier. It seems that Huawei’s logo is made of petals that’s why the new trademark is named Petal translation.

The days when classic text editors, such as Word or Pages, were used in the translation process are gone. Modern translation agencies utilize a wide range of technologies for translators, project managers as well as clients.

Currently, Google Translate is the most dominant in the field of text and content translation and provides the translation in over 100 languages along with a different set of features. It would be interesting to see, what the Chinese tech giant planning to bring with this new trademark.

It’s observed that Huawei trademarking for new smartphone technologies consisting starting “Petal” such as Petal Search, Petal Maps, Petal Mail, and more. Following this trademark, it is speculated that Huawei is planning and making efforts to launch its own services in the field of translation technology and to replace the requirement of apps such as Google Translate in its smartphones as well as other devices.


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