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Huawei files trademarks for MateDrive and MateAuto, new car technologies



Huawei HiCare

On January 28, 2021, Huawei registered for the new trademarks named Matedrive and MateAuto with application numbers 53374978 and 53370725 respectively in China. The international classification of this trademark is 12 types of transportation vehicles. The current status is applied for registration.

The trademark shows that the 12 type of transportation vehicles mainly includes land, air, and sea passenger and cargo vehicles, which specifically consists of following categories:

1201: Trains and their parts
1202: Automobiles, trams, motorcycles and their parts (excluding tires)
1204: Bicycles, tricycles and their parts (excluding tires)
1205: Cable cars, overhead transportation equipment
1206: Wheelchairs, trolleys, Stroller
1207: Animal powered vehicles, sledges
1208: Tire and tire repair tools
1209: Empty vehicles (excluding airplane tires)
1210: Water vehicles
1211: Parts of vehicles

In the past two years, alongside digital, communication, and more business, Huawei has also shown their interest in the automotive market. The company is continuously expanding and inventing new technologies and partner with other automobile companies to further developments.

According to the previous information, Huawei will not manufacture these vehicles on its own, but it helps the traditional manufactures to develop better products using the latest Huawei technologies.

[Via – ithome]

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