Huawei executive clarifies UK’s lawmakers that the company is ‘independent’

Huawei Brand

Huawei executive has recently appeared in front of British lawmakers to answer about the company’s role in the UK’s 5G network development and the security concerns.

Huawei’s equipment helped the UK to start its first ever 5G network services

On Monday, in a hearing about Britain’s telecommunications industry in the House of Commons, John Suffolk, Huawei’s global cybersecurity and privacy officer, defended the company as “independent,” saying it would not bow to pressure to supply information from its mobile networks to the Chinese government, reported CNBC.

“No one can put us under pressure,” he said. “We’ve made it quite clear, regardless of who the country would be. If we were put under any pressure by any country that we felt was wrong, we would prefer to close the business.”

The UK has already allowed Huawei to take part in the development of non-core parts in the country’s infrastructure and used in UK’s 5G carrier launch by EE

Huawei has been accused by the US that it poses a national security threat and under control of the Chinese government but the Chinese telecom giant has continuesly denied these allegations repeatedly.






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