Huawei EMUI 11 introduces new Calendar app features

EMUI 11 rollout is currently expanding in the global market for different devices but on the other hand, the company has already concluded this expansion in the Chinese market. From one of its features, the EMUI 11 also brings redesign for a number of apps including the Calendar and its animations.

And since the rollout of EMUI 11 is completed for Huawei phones in China, the company has now decided to add a new interesting feature for the Calander app users.

According to the information, EMUI 11 is bringing a Festival Solar Term subscription feature, which users can access by opening the Calendar app > Subscription Management on the top right corner of the app and hit subscribe to Festival Solar Terms.

With this feature, users can understand the stories and knowledge behind each festival anytime and anywhere according to their comfort.

The content introduced with this feature includes the alternative name, time, meaning, set time, origin, etc. of the festival. Mobile China noticed that in addition to the festivals, the Huawei Calendar app could also originally subscribe to the Chinese calendar, today in history, city calendar, and good things recommendations, providing users with thoughtful services.

The festival planner also provides suggestions including void traveling on a certain day, planting trees, and more. Furthermore, you can not only use but also check your fortune, lucky numbers, and more.

(Via – CNMO)






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