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Huawei e-reader tablet will launch soon



Huawei e-reader

Huawei is preparing to launch a new tablet called- e-reader AKA link screen that will come with new capabilities. As the name suggests the new tablet will come with a kind of electronic ink screen technology.

Related to this a Weibo blogger- DigitalChatStation reported that the company’s upcoming MatePad Paper has the HMW-AL10 as the model number. However, he didn’t reveal any further information on this matter.

Still, other reports show that Huawei e-reader will start to recruit test experience from November 6th, Saturday. It’ll be an offline test for a limited number of users in Huawei Wuhan Research Institute.

The company officially invited native users to let them take their first experience with Huawei e-reader. In addition, the Chinese firm also welcomes their suggestion and feedbacks, users can share if they feel any kind of improvement in the product.

Huawei e-reader recruitment

Besides, there are also numerous gifts for the users who are taking part in this activity. The participants will be getting coupons that are valued at about 300-450 Yuan. Furthermore, if a user’s suggestion is accepted, will get extra prizes.

Electronic Ink Screen:

To be mentioned, it’s the first time when the tech firm is using electronic ink screen technology. According to collected data, electronic ink screen or electronic paper display technology is a significant eye-protecting method used in electronic displays.

The viewer feels like watching or reading on a paper and can get rid of problems caused by glare and stroboscopic. Moreover, it’s really suitable for long-term everyday use, mostly at workplaces.

Aside from this, the company also conducted separate meetings with the e-readers in past to know more about the daily problems, user experience, and need for improvements. In addition, the suggestion will be applied in this new MatePad.

In August 2021, this smartphone maker applied for several trademark names including Mate Paper. After that, there was no info related to these products but now seems like the team has already started taking action, and the products will release soon.

(Source: Ithome)

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