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Huawei AI Speaker 2e with HarmonyOS goes on sale at a very cheap price (31 USD)



Huawei AI Speaker 2e

Back in September, Huawei has launched its new AI Speaker 2e. It is equipped with the HarmonyOS support, with interactive expressions, one-touch connection, and children’s voice interaction. The Huawei AI Speaker 2e is priced at 199 yuan (31 USD) and now it’s open for sale starting today.

The Huawei AI Speaker 2e sale brings us a sleek and full body lines, a simple woven mesh design on the front, and yellow embellishment for the one-click connection button on the top, which is also more eye-catching and easy for children to recognize.

The face side of the speaker brings LED dot matrix lights. In terms of voice interaction, a variety of expressions can be changed through the arrangement of different dot matrixes, which enhances the interest of the product. And can also display time, weather, temperature, and other information.

Huawei AI Speaker 2e

It boasts with a 2.5-inch 6W full-range speaker unit and a passive radiator, which can provide strong bass effects in music performance and clear mid-to-high-frequency vocals.

This new AI speaker also has a microphone unit, which supports one-touch connection, and can contact family members with one click through the call button. It also supports a one-touch smooth intercom, which can call other speakers, mobile phones, and other speakers connected to the speaker by long-pressing the call button. Tablets and other devices.

Huawei AI Speaker 2e

The Huawei AI speaker 2e has pre-installed HarmonyOS, which easily adopts the HarmonyOS ecosystem. At the same time, the built-in Celia smart voice assistant supports smart home voice control of 1000+ brands, 100+ categories, and 3000+ models.

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