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Huawei continue to create problems for Apple in China



Huawei problems Apple China

Huawei and Apple rivalry took a new form in China for the smartphone sales revenue race and it seems the former continues to create problems for the U.S. tech maker in its home ground. Apple is constantly losing its space in the Chinese market.

In recent times, several news headlines read that Apple iPhone sales are drooping in China, following the growth of Huawei handsets. Despite significant discounts and offers, the American company is unable to win consumers in the native region.

Notably, this is the first time when Apple put staggering price cuts on its flagship products like the iPhone 15 series. The tech giant initiated the cost drop from 500 yuan. But in the latest edition, the price is 1300 yuan less than the original rates at some major online shopping stores like JD and TMall.

On the other hand, Huawei is showing how to win back popularity and growth in the smartphone franchise. After the surprising introduction of the Mate 60 series with Kirin 5G chips, the company continued to remain on heights in China.

Huawei Apple iPhones cheaper China

Apple iPhones in China (Source: Reuters)

Mate 60 Series – Still in demand!

With eye-catching features, advanced functions, and the rebirth of Kirin processors, the Mate 60 lineup resulted in thriving sales within a few days after the launch.

Even though the device was stuck in supply chain issues, it didn’t lose its grip among Chinese consumers and remained in demand. Ultimately, it seems a little difficult for Apple to hold back its position in the Chinese smartphone market.

Huawei to rock in other fields?

Apart from the smartphone segment, Huawei is also trying to take the lead in other key fields. The company is in rumors of developing a new ARM chip to compete with the Apple M1 processor and may launch it with upcoming notebooks.

Meanwhile, Virtual Reality is another subject where Huawei seems to give a tough spot to Apple, launching a Vision headset at half the price of Apple’s devices.

And let’s not forget the world’s first Huawei tri-fold smartphone that is hearsay to be in development and take place somewhere in the first half of this year. A report depicts that Huawei is set to challenge the Apple iPad with its new creation.

While these statements still require confirmation from the Chinese tech giant, they imply that Huawei is ready to rival Apple and create some new problems for the company in China. Thus, the U.S. firm either has to strengthen its roots or make new ways to compete with Huawei and its innovative products.

Huawei problems Apple China

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