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Huawei may launch 10-inch Tri-Fold phone, targeting Samsung Z Fold, Apple iPad: Report



Huawei 10-inch Tri-Fold phone

Huawei is working on the world’s first tri-fold phone which may bear a 10-inch display panel. At the same time, the ultimate foldable is likely to target the two significant tech makers’ products – Samsung Galaxy Z and Apple iPad tablet.

A new report has surfaced online which states that Huawei will launch a 10-inch (25.4 cm) tri-fold phone with a tablet-like form factor. The eye-catching device could debut in the first half of this year with enormous features and tech-pack capabilities.

In addition, the report hints that the Huawei triple foldable would be a game changer in the global smartphone market which is dominated by Samsung and Apple for the time being. These firms will have a strong contender on ground in the coming days.

The company has already made a strong comeback with the Mate 60 Pro and its electrifying sales activities. Meanwhile, Huawei is now planning to firm its legs on both Chinese and global smartphone merchandise with the triple-foldable launch.

Triple-Foldable Design

According to the details, Huawei will implement a robust screen to its triple-foldable that reaches 10 inches when unfolded completely. It looks like a Z-shape when folded twice, and targets Samsung Galaxy Z Fold as well as Apple iPad tablet.

Huawei 10-inch Tri-Fold phone

In simple words, as soon as you unfold the Huawei triple-foldable phone it will take the shape of an Apple iPad. Though things are still uncertain and we need to wait for an official announcement on this matter to mark the confirmation.

Samsung and Apple

While Huawei is in full swing regarding innovation, Samsung is reportedly working on a rollable handset. On the flip side, Apple has also begun exploring new chapters to produce a horizontal folding phone.

The report further adds that tech makers like OPPO and Vivo are planning to withdraw from the foldable market as their shares dropped significantly last year. Moreover, the competition seems to be more rigid this time.

Huawei 10-inch Tri-Fold phone


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