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Rise of Huawei leads Apple iPhones to go cheaper in China: Report



Huawei Apple iPhones cheaper China

Apple iPhones are getting cheaper than ever in China due to the rising competitive pressure from Huawei and other Chinese rivals. Some of the major online shopping channels are now offering new iPhone models with even more discounts.

The information reveals that third-party Chinese retailers like, TMall, and Pinduoduo have stapled more discounts on Apple iPhones, making them cheaper. This would be the first time the U.S. tech maker put high discounts on its products.

Besides, there is a heavy price drop on the iPhone 15 series that entered the user ground five months ago. Eventually, all four models of the iPhone 15 lineup are available on the discount shelf at some third-party online stores and the cost is 1300 yuan ($180) less than the usual rates.

On the other hand, the iPhone 15 with 128GB variant is available for 4588 yuan on third-party shopping channels. Notably, the original price of this handset is 5999 yuan. Similarly, the iPhone 15 Pro Max 256GB version now costs 8899 yuan.

Huawei Apple iPhones cheaper China

Apple iPhones in China (Source: Reuters)

The information hints that the above-mentioned online shopping stores have discounted Apple iPhones on the occasion of International Women’s Day on the 8th of March. However, it is unclear how long these offerings will be accessible.

Apple iPhone Sales Slowdown

A root cause behind making iPhones cheaper is that Apple struggles with significant sales slowdown in China due to the sudden rise of Huawei and Xiaomi in the market. Both Chinese tech giants continue to unveil dynamic products on the stage.

This competitive pressure gave a tough push to Apple in China’s smartphone franchise. As a result, the American firm started availing its devices with staggering discounts. Last month, iPhones were available on sale at a 500 yuan discount.

It would be worth seeing how long Apple will make its space amid Huawei and other competitors in the Chinese smartphone market.


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