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Leak suggests Huawei P70 series might not require much introduction to be sold



Huawei P70 series introduction sold

Huawei P70 series will be different than past flagship models and a new input says that the upcoming lineup doesn’t require much introduction to be sold in offline stores. Chinese retailers may sell the device directly, omitting the explanation part.

As per the details shared by tipster @FixedFocus, some offline stores in China have recently received a notice regarding the next P-lineup. It reads that the Huawei P70 series requires a minimal introduction to be sold in Chinese offline stores.

“P70 series does not need you to explain much and sell it just like Mate 60” – says the notice.

The notice further mentions that there is no need to go to great lengths to recommend the models to consumers. Eventually, the product is quite powerful and doesn’t rely on too much introduction. Hence, one can sell it without going into details.

The notice hints that Huawei is quite confident in its approaching P70 lineup. Notably, the company served the same treatment for the Mate 60 series, without promoting it much on the consumer platform or any Chinese stores.

Also, the Huawei P70 series is likely to be present in the Pioneer Program where one can reserve the device in advance before it becomes available on the sale shelf.

Huawei P70 series introduction sold

Huawei P70 series leak (Source: Weibo)

Huawei P70 series seems powerful!

The tech maker is expected to adopt several new solutions for the premium P70 models. Moreover, leaks and rumors predict that there could be next-gen satellite communication technology and upgraded variable aperture for better performance.

You can check the Huawei P70 series expected camera features HERE.

On the other hand, the device could bring the Kirin 5G chips for boastful functioning. Thus, with new components and capabilities, the device will be more powerful than its predecessors. However, the tech giant has not confirmed any details so far.

Huawei P70 series is hearsay to land on the ground next month. While a release date is still missing from the frame, we expect to see official inputs soon on this subject.

Huawei P70 series introduction sold


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