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Huawei BladeAAU Pro positioning in STC network web of Saudi Arabia



Huawei BladeAAU Pro Saudi Arabia

Huawei has completed the first batch deployment of BladeAAU Pro solutions for Saudi Telecom Company (STC) in Saudi Arabia. Now, STC’s network web will support Sub3G full-band passive antennas integrated into a single pole.

This implementation of BladeAAU Pro solutions has increased the network performance in all aspects. In addition, the STC’s minimalist network strategy gains strong backup support to deliver an enhanced user experience in the country.

Huawei BladeAAU Pro: Large-scale Deployment, Saudi Arabia

In 2020, the number of 5G users has shown explosive growth in the Saudi STC network web. Thereby the network requirements satisfy the demands of huge numbers of 5G users becomes higher. Thus, the company needs an immediate and large-scale deployment of Massive MIMO.

This is how Huawei BladeAAU Pro solutions take charge in Saudi Arabia providing a full-band passive antenna network. It helps the current networks in achieving a single-pole Sub3G Massive MIMO support.

Huawei microwave field test

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The BladeAAU Pro has innovative antenna solutions that use a modular design to combine 5G active modules and passive antennas. Furthmore, the passive module combines different band antennas in one unit. Additionally, a single tool is enough to maintain its flexible design.

The solutions have benefits including minimal site deployment, lower pre-construction charges, and increased performance. Moreover, the uniformed network quality has been realized in every corner of the web.

Besides, both parties plan to continue to work with each other. Under win-win and open cooperation both determine to verify the latest 5G technology and implement them on large scale for commercial applications.

However, this is not the only Massive MIMO Solution of the company but it has its own benefits. This solution also won the Best Mobile Network Infrastructure awards at the 2021 Global Mobile event in July this year.

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