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Huawei aims to upgrade 5 million units of whole-house solutions in next five years



Huawei whole-house smart

Huawei released the upgraded whole-house smart solutions at the HDC 2021 event. Shao Yang, who is the chief strategy officer of Huawei Consumer BG describes the new modifications of 1+2+N whole-house smart solution.

He said, following the 2D, 2B, and 2C approaches the company will soon modify future in-house scenarios with industry partners. Related to this, the chief strategy officer informs, the company is building 15 cities with whole-house smart solutions that’ll be complete by the 30th October.

Moving further in this line, 15 authorized experience stores of the company will be instating smart house solutions. In addition, over 50 cities will also join this belt to upgrade more than 50 stores before the end of this year.

Huawei Whole-House Smart: Future Strategy

Simultaneously, Chief Strategy Officer Yang also shares some insights regard the future strategy of the whole-house smart implementations. As per the info, the company plans to install about 5 million sets of smart houses in the next five years. The ultimate goal is to offer a future home with more convenience to more people.

Huawei whole-house smart

About Huawei Whole-House Smart Solutions:

It follows the concept of 1+2+N, where 1 refers to a smart host, 2 indicates core interactive products while N symbolizes subsystems. Among them, the host can work with wired (PLC) wireless (WiFi integration), and narrow bandwidth integration technology. Meanwhile, its out assures 99.99% of high reliability, HiChain3.0 end-to-end data encryption, and automatic backup of digital assets.

Overall, the whole house smart arrangement establishes the Smart Life App supported one-screen control to enable one-touch entire set commands. For instance, you can switch off lights, pull in curtains, turn on air conditioners while preparing for a tight sleep at just one tap.

Furthermore, the solutions are certified with HarmonyOS Connect ecological empowerment system. The single products can quickly integrate with the main host to generate a whole house smart experience. In addition, it offers a 2-week development life cycle to achieve an instant working.

(Source: CNMO)

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