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Huawei-BAIC STELATO S9 electric sedan to release on May 31



Huawei BAIC STELATO S9 May 31

Huawei-BAIC STELATO S9 smart car will officially land on the consumer ground on May 31. The electric sedan has already made its debut at the Beijing Auto Show 2024 and the company is now ready to initiate its sale procedures one by one.

HarmonyOS Smart has shared a giant poster on Weibo, saying that the all-new Huawei BAIC STELATO S9 smart car (Xiangjie in Chinese) will show up on May 31.

“HarmonyOS Zhixing’s first executive-level luxury flagship sedan #Xiangjie S9# has made its eye-catching debut. You are invited to taste it on May 31st! – wrote Huawei.

The company further attached a link to the post which leads you to Huawei Mall to participate in the reservation process. You can tap on the ‘New Product Reservation’ tab to book the device and get notifications for sale-related activities in the time ahead.

Huawei BAIC STELATO S9 May 31

STELATO S9 reservation page (Image Credits: Huawei Mall)

While Huawei and BAIC introduced the STELATO S9 at the recent Beijing Auto Show 2024, both parties didn’t elaborate much on the tech-pack parts or features of the vehicle. They revealed a few key specs, keeping other things secret till the official sale.

STELATO trademark

Another input says that Huawei has handed over the ‘STELATO’ (Xiangjie) trademark to BAIC. Although the major reason behind this incident is still under the hood.

Huawei and BAIC made STELATO S9 in such a manner that it will be a tough competitor for its rivals. Note that BAIC has managed the production work whereas, Huawei has only supplied smart car solutions in the respective sedan making.

A good example of this scenario is an electric motor equipped in STELATO S9. It has been provided by Huawei Digital Energy Technologies and will appear in two versions: single and dual motor. The former exhibits 227kW power while the latter is capable of 158kW and 227kW.

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Huawei BAIC STELATO S9 May 31

Huawei STELATO S9 poster (Image Credits: HarmonyOS Smart/Weibo)

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