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GAC introduces Trumpchi M6 Max smart car equipped with Huawei HiCar



GAC Trumpchi M6 Max Huawei HiCar

GAC Motors has unveiled a brand-new Trumpchi M6 MAX smart car with the Huawei HiCar solution. It has landed on the ground as the premium variant of the M6 line and accompanies a variety of significant features in a luxurious outlook.

The ultimate vehicle has a dimension of 4793 x 1837 x 1730mm and a wheelbase of 2810mm. Note that the overall measurement is the same as the original model.

Before moving to other parameters, let’s talk about the highlight of the GAC Trumpchi M6 MAX vehicle – Huawei HiCar. The company has used the new HiCar version which brings the smartphone interconnection to the car’s central control system.

When the user is inside the car, the respective capability enables wireless screen projection via your smartphone so you can experience a fluent connection.

GAC Trumpchi M6 Max Huawei HiCar

Huawei HiCar solution (Image Credits: ITHome)

Huawei HiCar also supports voice command features and other essential tools to enhance the overall driving experience and boost the performance of the vehicle.

The Trumpchi M6 MAX contains a 1.5T power engine that boosts the energy by 130kW and offers a torque of 270N. Hence you won’t face any issues in power.

Further parameters include an advanced ADiGO smart cockpit which installs the L2 driving assistant. It is a seven-seater smart car with a 2+2+3 format. Consumers can convert the first and second-row seats to a split bed as per convenience.

GAC Trumpchi M6 Max Huawei HiCar

GAC Trumpchi M6 Max (Image Credits: ITHome)

Speaking of third-row seats, you can easily fold them under the seats to make extra space for luggage. Other elements count standard low-VOC, soundproof window glass, an electric heating facility for front seats, an oversized panoramic sunroof, and more.

For pricing, the device is said to cost 145,800 yuan. Details regarding its sale are missing from the frame. Though we will soon inform you in the coming days.

GAC Trumpchi M6 Max Huawei HiCar

GAC Trumpchi M6 Max (Image Credits: ITHome)

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