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Huawei announced WeAutomate to quickly realize process automation



A few days ago, Huawei conducted the Huawei Developer Cloud Conference 2021 and launched six stupendous products related to Cloud-native and AI technology during the conference.

At the same time, the company announced WeAutomate, an upgraded Robotic Process Automation to quickly realize process automation. This product comes with the new spring version of the WeAutomate.

In this era of digital transformation, RPA cannot perform well alone, so Huawei is looking forward to integrating RPA with intelligent, cloud-based, and low-code development platforms through the automation strategy.

In this manner, stronger intelligent automation capabilities will emerge and  upgraded from a single-point RPA product to an integrated intelligence Automation platform.

The new spring version has the following characteristics:

  1. Inspire Center
  2. Hyper-Connect
  3. Custom controls
  4. Broader operating system and application support
  5. The new version of the RPA Management Center

These new features allow you to collect internal automation inspiration of the enterprise, realize seamless integration and interconnection between intelligent controls as well easily extend automation capabilities to realize controls on-demand development and sharing.

Furthermore, it supports the Kunpeng ecology and supports the automation of government and enterprise business processes and the redesigned UI enables to see at a glance, quickly and directly to the required functions.

Huawei has made a great effort to reach from AntRobot to WeAutomate. The company is looking forward to the support of customers, partners as well as the developers of automation business. So that the company can present a new breakthrough and contribute to the digital transformation of the industry.

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