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Market share of SERES SF5 smart car maker rise eightfold after Huawei’s sell boost



Huawei made it clear many times that it will not enter the car manufacturing industry and won’t invest in any car maker’s shares as well. On the other hand, the company also stated that it will help the OEMs in producing good cars with its ICT technology.

In this line, Huawei also takes the initiative to sell cars and Huawei SERES Smart Selection SF5 is the first model to put for display in the company’s official store. This model becomes very popular among consumers with Huawei’s smart car technology and competing with the model from famous brands.

Speaking of the popularity of the SF5 model after getting a touch from Huawei, the shares of SF5 makers – Dongfeng Xiaokang has been rose eightfold and exceeded the 100 million Yuan. By June 21st, the sharers show a 6.66% of increase in and their market stock and market value both reaching new pinnacles.

If we look back, by June of last year, the closing market price of SF5 makers was no more than 8.69 Yuan but with Huawei, it exceeded about 77.2 Yuan. This eight times increase in stock price is surely a big surprise for the partakers and there is no doubt that it all becomes possible in the shadow of Huawei.

Talking about the Dongfeng Sokon Automobile, it is internationally known as DFSK Motor and is the parent company of SERES SF5 car makers.

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SERES Huawei Smart Selection SF5:

The SERES Huawei Smart Selection SF5, which can reach a 180Km daily drive was launched in April this year. It comes with two models- Two-Wheel-Drive, which priced at 216,800 Yuan, and Four-Wheel-Drive, which costs 246,800 Yuan.

Its specification can be described in the following terms-

  • Huawei DriveONE
  • Dual-Motor Four-Wheel drive
  • 405 kW with 820 torque N.m.
  •  4.68 sec/100 km acceleration
  • High Strength Fram Design
  • Huawei HiCar
  • 11 Huawei Sound unit

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