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Huawei and Partners explore digital technologies for innovative education system



Huawei Innovative Education

Huawei has recently conducted the TECH4ALL Innovative Education Global Online summit. The conduction of this program mainly aims at the exploration of digital technologies that can serve as benefits and can help in the transformation of the education system into a more innovative and inclusive manner.

According to UNESCO, Technology can play a vital role in transforming and giving a new life to the education system. However, the fact lies in the point that the utilization of the tech parts must be in such a way that it can provide public digital learning content, and platforms and can change the old teaching methodologies.

Three ways to transform the Education system

The CMO of Huawei ICT infrastructure -Kevin Zhang describes how technology will give routes for three creations that can contribute well to the education system. She said the following words regarding the three key factors:

“Technology truly has the power to transform education for everyone. We are doing this in three ways: connecting schools, promoting digital skills, and supporting STEAM curriculum.”

Huawei Innovative Education

So far, Huawei has put forth several efforts for an innovative education system. The company has developed and supported numerous Technology-enabled Open Schools for All (TeOSS). This is a three-year project that is approached as a benefit for the students as well as teachers in the African nations.

Thereafter, Huawei learned that connecting schools, boosting digital literacy, and providing educational institutes with digital devices could work as a key priority in bringing the transformation. As a result, the Chinese tech giant started initiating this phase.

Consequently, the company made the successful completion of the DigiSchool project in Kenya. Huawei has connected more than 13 schools at a time, benefitting 6000 students. On the other hand, the company assured that no child should leave behind in this project.

Expanding its roots to more regions, Huawei further brought the DigiTruck project to France. Ultimately, this initiative helped in addressing the literacy issue. Aside, it provided free training in digital skills, targeted unemployed people, and continued theme skills development.

To bring a good education system in the time ahead, Huawei and other partners are constantly making efforts. Moreover, they are exploring new technologies that can help in this matter in a positive way.


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