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Huawei 2021 Sustainability Report highlights digital development



Huawei 2021 Sustainability Report

Huawei has published the 2021 Sustainability Report that brings out the digital development of the company into the limelight. So far, the company has initiated several technical solutions and programs that can contribute to the digital economy of the world.

Well, the 2021 Sustainability Report of Huawei describes accurately each program and effort. Ahead, it also explains how the company managed to aware the individuals about the positive aspect of technology in various fields. So let’s explore these aspects in more detail.

According to the information, the Sustainability Report is mainly wrapped around four strategies. These are digital inclusion, security and trustworthiness, green environmental protection, and harmonious ecology. Based on these aspects, the report shows the main achievements of the company in the past few years.

Digital Inclusion

Huawei has validated the TECH4ALL program that connected more than 400 schools across the globe. Alternatively, it proved a boon and helped more than 110,000 teachers and students for accessing Internet services. Besides, the TECH4ALL project has played a vital role in the following areas:

  • Protected more than 32 areas in 25 countries
  • Enhanced biological diversity protection efficiency
  • Added Accessibility features that made more than 4.4 million visually impaired users, and 8 million hearing impaired users use Huawei technologies, every month
  • Provided connections for 60 million individuals in remote areas in more than 70 countries with the help of the RuralStar series solution

Huawei 2021 Sustainability Report

Security and Trustworthiness

Huawei believes that network security and privacy protection are the main priority of the company. Last year, the Chinese tech maker has attained more than 70 network security certifications. Further, it has operated 20,000 data subject requests.

Thereafter, the company also gained 35 AEO certifications in 28 countries and across five continents to build better supply chain security. The company was also the in-charge of emergency response and timely handling of more than 180 crises.

Environmental Protection

Apart from social and technology values, the company also thinks about the environment. It’s worth mentioning that Huawei increased the use of renewable energy last year, and made it reach up to 300 million kWh. This was an increase of 42.3%.

Comparatively, the P50 series of Huawei has a reduction of 89 percent of plastic content in its packaging. Overall, the proportion of plastic in the manufacturing of the P50 series is less than 1 percent.

Harmonious Ecosystem

Huawei also relies upon integration and comprehensive values. The company also takes care of the people who keep on making efforts for the development of the firm. According to the report, Huawei has 195,000 employees across the world.

In this figure, around 107,000 employees are working in the research and development sector of the company. Moreover, the global employee security investment has reached more than 15 billion yuan [2.2 billion USD]. Aside, the global sales revenue in 2021 was 636.8 billion yuan [approx 100 billion USD] with a net profit increase of 75.9 percent.

To summarize, we can say that Huawei has fruitfully gained a better place in the globe with its ultimate hardware and efforts. And we are eagerly looking for what new steps will the company take in the time ahead.


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