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Huawei Hyperfusion business revenue exceeds 1.1 billion USD in H1 2022



Huawei Hyperfusion business revenue

The Hyperfusion business of Huawei is back on trend and has scored a good amount in its revenue. As per the latest information, the business server has quickly recovered from its traditional status and has exceeded revenue of 8 billion yuan [1.17 billion USD] in the first half of the year 2022.

You might be wondering where this new term ‘Hyperfusion’ has appeared. Well, Hyperfusion business server is the subsidiary institute of Huawei. The Chinese manufacturer has completely adopted the cooperation in September 2021.

Thereafter, in November 2021, the firm turned around from Huawei to handle things independently. Alternatively, it integrates and works on several technological concepts. For instance, industrial engineering design services, Internet of things technology research and development, and more.

According to the latest information, the business operators jointly held the first hyperfusion partner conference in Zhengzhou, today. Various companies such as Advanced Digital Communications, Beiming Software, Zhouyou Yunzhi, and Guangzhou Yaoheng have attended this event.

The officials of Huawei Hyperfusion business have organized the event for celebrating the success of the excellent revenue. Appreciating the deeds, the operators said that Hyperfusion has committed to becoming the world’s leading provider of computing services.

Huawei Hyperfusion business revenue

Hyperfusion recovered rapidly in the first half of 2022

Consequently, the Chairman and CEO of Hyperfusion – Liu Hongyun has expressed his satisfaction with the recovery of the business. Liu said the business has recovered quite rapidly in the first half of this year. It was capable of making more than 10 billion yuan [1.47 billion USD] orders and revenue of 8 billion yuan [1.17 billion USD].

Together, these efforts brought the company to the third rank in China, in terms of market share. Additionally, it has also gained more than 2000 superfusion employees and 5000 partners.

Liu believes that by relying upon the ecological concept of win-win cooperation, the Hyperfusion business will be able to create a great value creation platform.


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