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Huawei-TD Africa partnered to bring digital power solution in Nigeria



Huawei TD Africa Nigeria

In a recently held event, Huawei and TD Africa came to terms with bringing some absolute digital power solutions to the individuals in Nigeria. The company decided to collaborate after seeing the tough power supply challenge in the respective region.

Giving brief info, as to why the association between both firms is important, the CEO of TD Africa, Mrs. Chioma Ekeh said that the digital power solutions from Huawei would be a huge aid for the public power supply trouble in Nigeria.

She further added that these solutions will also support better stability to the global crude oil market that slipped down due to the Ukraine crisis. Alongside, she encouraged her partners to welcome these products as they are new ways of making a good amount of money in the market.

Huawei Digital Power Solutions: Benefits

According to the Principal Consultant of Huawei Digital Power Technology – Justin Tinsey, the advanced solution will cut down the energy costs in the mentioned region. Moreover, it will contribute to the development of a stable, and cost-efficient electricity infrastructure in the country.

Huawei TD Africa Nigeria

To prove his words, Justin gave the example of Huawei Intelligent Power Mate Solution (iSitePower-M). This facility is an ideal solution for residential consumers. Consequently, it delivers a 6kVA reliable power with a flexible and portable unit of power and battery. It also supports Distributed Generation and solar energies and can reduce the power supply cost by 50-70%.

In his next statement, he elaborated on the benefits of Huawei iSitePower-S. It is used for industrial purposes to maintain a sustainable and low-cost power supply in remote areas. These products are quite efficient and boost the increment of energy yield up to 30%. Moreover, it is capable of preventing arc faults that give rise to electrical fires.

‘‘The smart ecosystem for energy efficiency is rapidly evolving globally and Huawei’s Digital Power department is at the center of its development. Smart power residential solutions, as evident by our iSitePowerM — to large-scale commercial and industrial as well as utility-scale solutions – as evident by Huawei’s iSitePower-S and Fusion Solar solutions – are leading the smart ecosystem revolution.’’

In the meantime, Huawei is also trying to achieve its goal of becoming the major global energy source by 2050. Thus, we can assume that the new solutions for Nigeria will definitely show good results.


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