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Huawei opened its largest whole house experience store



Huawei experience store Beijing

Huawei opens its largest authorized whole smart solution experience store in Beijing, which is under operation since the 30th of October. It’s bringing visitors the future-orientated smart and luxurious house experience.

After announcing the whole-house smart strategy upgrade, this new store is something users were expecting. It follows the concept of creating a full-scenario smart space and bringing digitization to every family in life.

This Huawei whole-house smart authorized experience store located in Beijing aims to provide consumers with high-end, technological visual images and better-quality living expanses.

Whole-house Intelligent Experience:

This store accurately divides the living spacing according to the population and functions. It completely covers the display area, veranda, living room, kitchen, terrace, bedroom, bathroom, children’s room, audio-visual room, and meeting area.

The decoration aspect follows minimalism while not losing the sense of intelligence and technology. Simultaneously, its smart lightning control system layout and delicate dimming deliver a warm family atmosphere to the members.

Using the HarmonyOS ecology, the Huawei Beijing experience store follows the upgraded version of the 1+2+N solution. Furthermore, the intelligent host integrating connection, computing, storage, and intelligent service center ensures an orderly manner of the store.

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Living Room Decoration:

In the living room area, the users are able to enjoy complete intelligence. Form from work to leaving including cameras, desk lamps, curtains, fans, air conditioners, sweeping robots, and others are well controlled by the smart host. The area is suitable for watching movies, meeting guests, and organizing small parties. You can check the few shots below-

Huawei experience store BeijingHuawei experience store BeijingHuawei experience store Beijing

Bedroom Decoration:

The area is designed with concern convenient wake-up and comfortable sleep. Its active AI capability in multiple scenarios connected different devices and serves the members. For children’s room scenes, RGBW light strips softly change colors to help babies over 4 months of age. They can slowly recognize the colors, and use bright color lighting effects to stimulate and accelerate the growth of the baby’s brain visual area.

Dining Decoration:

The users will find lightning customization in the Beijing experience store of Huawei. In addition, they can also enjoy automated music that is synchronized with the Huawei Sound X speaker.

A candlelight dinner will be more pleasing in this scenario arranged in the home itself. Users can enjoy restaurant closes the curtains and basic lighting adjusts the ambient lighting and accent lighting to a suitable range.

Workplace Decoration:

Through the one-stop intelligent design, installation, and testing services, the experience store gives a convenient working atmosphere. Furthermore, the users can see real-time installation progress by the Huawei Smart Life App at all times.

In addition, online services and an intelligent self-service platform are becoming more accurate now. Users can install various design stages such as Modern, Contemporary, Minimalist, and Traditional.

Users can also personally experience the linkage between furniture, voice, and lighting in each smart mode. At the same time, they can check one-click smart quotes, generate product lists and accurate construction drawings suitable for the house, and reduce the rate of construction errors.

Overall, Huawei’s whole-house smart strategy opened the core unit of the whole-house smart store integrate scene including the security and different utilization areas.

(Source: Ithome)

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