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Huawei VR-assisted focusing patent can improve user’s eyesight focusing effect



Huawei eye-control headset

On 29th October 2021, Huawei published a new VR-assisted focusing patent at the Chinese Intellectual Property database. This patent method is capable of restoring users’ eyesight to a normal range and relatively improving focusing effect.

According to the info, the patent with announcement number CN113568498A was released with the title “A Method of Aided Focusing Applied to VR Equipment and VR Equipment” in China.

This Chinese tech firm is continuously polishing its VR technologies and giving them new capabilities. The new patent can first recompense the user’s eyesight before focusing. Afterward, the user’s eyesight can be restored to a normal range enhancing the focusing effect.

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Huawei VR-Assisted Focusing Patent:

This method is applicable on VR devices and it includes the following steps-

  • First, it takes the real-time measurement of the wearing distance from the user’s eyebrow feature point to the lens structure in the VR device through a distance sensor.
  • Here, the user’s horizontal line of sight is perpendicular to the lens structure, and the wearing distance is the user’s eyebrow feature. Furthermore, the distance between the point and the projection point of the lens’ structure for the horizontal direction.
  • Now, the wearing distance is compared with the preset lens-eye distance range of the VR device.
  • Thereafter, users can adjust the wearing distance according to the comparison result. It alternatively makes the wearing distance remains within the preset lens-eye distance range.

Huawei VR assisted focusing patent

(Huawei VR-assisted focusing patent document)

Previous Patent: 

According to previous reports, Huawei released its Multi-Window Screenshot Patent document to simplify the process of taking screenshots while multi-tasking. This was filled on 4th July 2020 and published with the CN113552986A number.

It describes a method that first captures the preview image and then displays the window split button. Moreover, the user is able to select the wanted screen area to take the screenshot.

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