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Huawei added a new fire map layer to Petal Maps



Huawei Petal Maps fire layer

Huawei has its own mapping and navigation service app – Huawei Petal Maps for its users. Also, this application is a strong competitor to Google Maps. It provides detailed information and offers easy to understand user interface.

In the latest development, Huawei has added a wonderful feature to Petal Maps that make the interface more attractive. The user will surely enjoy the new fire map layer added to Huawei Petal Maps.

Especially, the new fire map layer is for routes containing data from major wildfires across the world from 2011 to 2021. The users can tap on the layered image to delve deeper into the distribution of wildfires represented in proportion to the size of the icons.

Using this feature, you will be able to identify areas and seasons where forest fire tends to occur. To be noted, the wildlife fire data is not available for certain countries and regions. Also, the data availability may vary based on real-world usage.

Huawei Petal Maps fire layer

How to enable the Huawei Petal Maps fire layer:

  • Open the Petal Maps app
  • Tao on layer button on the search screen
  • Select the fire layer
  • Tap the timeline at the bottom of the replay screen to see past fires on the map
  • You can also select a month and a year in the timeline for a more detailed search


  • Huawei will surely update the FireMap feature and add new capabilities as well as material to it in the future.

(Via: Huaweiailesi)

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