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How to install apps on your new Huawei phone using Petal Search



The Petal Search widget is a new search tool that allows Huawei smartphone owners to search and find everything they need – including apps, news, images, and more – directly from the home screen of their device.

Petal Search was initially introduced as Huawei Search a few months ago. As its name says, it only designed for web search and quick search-related tasks. However, by noting the current situation, Huawei made a remarkable and the most effective change in this app.

Huawei not only changed its name to “Petal Search” but also changed the app’s core purpose and made it an app distribution platform, to install third-party apps on new Huawei devices that solely runs Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) and AppGallery.

Petal Search allows you to install apps not only from AppGallery but also from official and third-party websites. It also provides suggestions and trending apps information.


In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use the Petal Search to install apps on your new Huawei or Honor devices without running on HMS.

Requirement – Petal Search app, you download it from our application page (here) or from AppGallery. After download, install the app and run through the instructions given below.

Note: Recently, Huawei has rolled out a new update for Huawei P40 series that installed the Petal Search on these devices but other phones may require to download it manually.

There are two ways Petal Search allows you to explore apps:

  1. Suggestions
  2. Manual Search

1. Suggestions: 

When you tap on the search bar, you’ll jump right into the search mode. Below the search bar, appears the Top Local Apps section. This section comprises applications that are available through AppGallery and popular in your country.

If you want to install a suggested app, just tap on ‘Install’ and it’ll redirect you to the AppGallery. From here you can download the application.

Petal Search App Suggestion

App Suggestion

2. Manual Search:

Since not all of the apps are available AppGallery, you can use the Search Bar to manually search other apps. The manual search uses the web to search and install apps from official websites and third-party sources such as Apkpure, Aptoid, and more.

How to download apps using Petal Search:

  1. Tap on a Search Bar to enter the app name, for example, “WhatsApp”.
  2. Get search results.
  3. Tap Install (You will be redirected to the related website to download the Apk)
  4. Tap Download Now.
  5. Confirm download.
  6. Once downloaded, the app will automatically start installing.

These instructions are all the same for Apkpure and other third-party websites, you just need to click on the actual download button.

Download WhatsApp using Petal Search

Installing WhatsApp

Installing Instagram on Huawei devices

Installing Instagram

App downloaded but failed to install?

While testing the app on devices, we also found (in some older phones) that the Petal Search failed to parse/install the app package right after downloading. This could be related to the user’s data permission.

However, users can just go to the file manager and install apps manually.

How to activate Petal Search Home Screen Widget:

  1. Go to Home Screen
  2. Press and hold or pinch together two fingers
  3. Tap Widget
  4. Select ‘Petal Search‘ from the widget options (Scroll left or right to find)
  5. Touch on the widget to add it to the home screen. If there is no room on the current screen page, touch and hold it, then drag it to a different screen page.
Activate Petal Search Widget

Activate Petal Search Widget

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Tips & Tricks

Huawei Tip: How to enable/disable navigation gestures



system navigation gestures Huawei

With the bundles of settings and features, we generally forget to manage the system navigation gesture in our Huawei phone. Not only with the purpose of the design but it gives us easy commands on your phone.

Huawei provides special touch screen events including pinch, double-tap, scroll, long press, and flinch. By applying them you will easily return to the previous screen, back-to-home screen recent tasks, and more with a simple touch respectively. The aim of these gestures is to maximize on-screen reachability.

What are Huawei system navigation gestures:

The system navigation let you operate the phone with gestures rather than buttons, this builds an immersive experience to handle your smartphone. The gesture navigation patterns proliferate on handheld devices.

If you are unaware of such a feature in your Huawei phone, then here can check some easy guides to use system navigation gestures.


 system navigation gestures Huawei

Below you can check the guide to navigate system gestures:

  • Step 1: Open the Settings app on your phone

Huawei system navigation gestures

  • Step 2: Click on System & updates

  • Step 3: Search for System navigation
  • Step 4: Make sure that Gestures is selected

After applying the System navigation gesture on your phone, here the question arises that how it works:

  • For the return to the previous screen: Swipe in from the left or right edges to return to the previous screen
  • For back to the home screen: Swipe up from the bottom to go to the home screen
  • Recent tasks: Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and hold to view recent task
  • Close an app: When viewing recent tasks, swipe on an app preview to close the app
  • Switch between apps: Alide across the bottom edge of the screen to switch between apps.
    • Before using this gesture, touch Settings on the System navigation screen, and ensure that Slide across the bottom to switch app is enables
    • Swipe across the bottom of the screen in an arc to switch between apps
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Google Play

How to check Google Play Protect certificate on Android devices



Google Play Protect certificate

Google delivers Android updates with security against unwanted bugs and viruses that may cause your device and compromise data. Moreover, the built-in Play service gives you access to entertain yourself with the third-party app.

On the flip side, Google boasts you access to check whether your Android device is Play Protect certified, to ensure the security and device compatibility to run apps, and also to maintain your device consistency and security Google.

In other words, if your device has a Google Play Protect certificate, then it shows only the licensed apps for Google with passed Android compatibility testing. Notably, the certified smartphone is compatible with Google apps like the Google Play Store, Gmail and more.

If you’re using an unauthenticated device, Google will not verify that your device’s app is fair. In addition, devices are vulnerable to security risks because they cannot receive system or app updates. This also means that your data will not be backed up and synced with Google services.


On the other hand, if you are using the latest Huawei smartphone then you will not find the Google Play Services. This is due to the partnership breakup between Huawei and Google, which prohibits Huawei from using GMS. For Huawei users, the Chinese tech giant launches its own Mobile Services HMS in replacement of GMS but it’s still under development.

Here you can check the guide to see if your Android device is Play Protect Certified or not:

  • Launch the Google Play Store app

Google Play Certificaton

  • Now click on the profile icon

  • Go to settings
  • Under About scroll down to find Play Protect certification

If you find ‘Device is Uncertified’ then contact your device manufacturer immediately and ask for a fully tested and Play Protect certified device. Google Play Protect certificate helps your device secure it from all threats.

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Tips & Tricks

Here’s how to check battery consumption of your Huawei phone 



Huawei battery consumption

Our Huawei smartphone is playing an important role in managing day-to-day life, over which it’s our responsibility to manage its battery consumption usage manually for the last long battery life. Meanwhile, battery consumption management becomes more important as it refreshed and boots up the battery function, and optimizes device performance. If your using a Huawei smartphone then must follow the below-mentioned guide to managing your battery consumption.

  • Open the Setting app
  • Then Battey or Optimiser
  • Now you can view
    • View power consumption details and learn about power consumption and usage ranking of apps
    • Touch the time slot on the battery level chart to learn about the power consumption of the battery level chart.
    • Touch the app to see battery usage details, or touch Kill to close the app.
      Some pre-installed apps cannot be closed

How to enable Power Saving Mode:

Alongside checking the battery consumption Huawei is also offers you a power-saving mode, it generally used when you then low battery life it helps to run your phone on low battery for more and more.

Huawei battery consumption

You can enable the power-saving mode when the battery level of your phone is low but using the following mentioned steps:

  • Go to settings
  • Then Battery or Optimiser
  • Now enable power-saving mode

How to enable performance Mode:

Performance mode changes the power settings to provide ultimate performance. In particular, using a graphics-intensive app will drain your battery faster. You can try this mode to try something new with your Huawei phone via below mentioned steps:

  • Go to settings
  • Then the Battery or optimizer
  • Now enable the performance mode

A meter time icon will appear in your display of the status bar, notably this feature is limited to some Huawei devices. Do check and if available then must try to operate this on your Huawei phone.

How to enable Smart Charge:

Smart Charge learns charging habits intelligently and manages the charging process. This feature reduces the time the device is fully charged, reduces battery wear levels, and extends battery life. You can apply this feature to manage the activity.

Especially if you charge your phone overnight, this feature will stop charging when the battery capacity reaches a particular level over time. Your smartphone will continue to charge until your device is fully charged before you wake up in the morning.

  • Open the setting app
  • Battery option
  • Then more battery setting
  • Now enable the Smart Battery Capacity feature
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