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How to activate Wi-Fi Calling (VoWiFi)



Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi) or Wi-Fi Calling, enable users to route calls via Wi-Fi networks or carrier’s network depending on your preference and which signal is stronger.

Note: Aavailitbiliyty of Wi-Fi calling feature vary depending on the Region/Country and it must be supported by your mobile carrier. You can also contact your service provider to learn more about this feature.

How to activate VoWiFi:

Via Settings:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Mobile network
  3. Mobile data
  4. Wi-Fi Calling
  5. Tap on the switch to enable Wi-Fi calling

Via Dialer:

  1. Open dialer
  2. Settings
  3. Wi-Fi Calling
  4. Tap on the switch to activate the feature

You can also select preferred network mode from either Wi-Fi or 4G network.

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