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HarmonyOS ecosystem will be independent similar to iOS and Android, says Huawei



Huawei HarmonyOS

The news of a non-Android compatible HarmonyOS is going viral in China and the company has published some information regarding its aim to achieve an independent ecosystem to compete against iOS and Android.

While responding to this news, Huawei told a local Chinese media outlet that there’s no certain timeline to release a fully native HarmonyOS operating system. However, the company mentioned that HarmonyOS, Apple’s iOS, and Google’s Android will be three independent systems in the near future.

So, the statement indirectly affirms that the tech maker does have a plan to separate the Android and HarmonyOS app frameworks. Still, there’s no certain date that the company wants to speculate for the time being.

Currently, Chinese internet companies have started to develop their apps for the native HarmonyOS version. Some developers are seeing this as a major change in the app development industry with growth possibilities.

Launched in 2019, HarmonyOS was designed and developed by Huawei and later announced to adapt all of the smart devices and industry terminals. The software has multi-device multi-platform capabilities.

The number of devices with HarmonyOS 4 has already exceeded 100 million since its launch in August this year.

During the Autumn flagship product launch in September, Huawei CEO of Consumer Business Group, Yu Chengdong said that the new HarmonyOS NEXT operating system is ready for launch. He also mentioned that the software will support a full native app ecosystem.

Yu Chengdong mentioned that this is a new chapter in the mobile app ecosystem. The company has also trained millions of HarmonyOS talents and will invest tens of billions of yuan in support of ecosystem development.

HarmonyOS NEXT pure Android

In the future, HarmonyOS NEXT will empower at least 18 app categories for a wide and vibrant app experience. Adding to this, people have different views on the development prospects of Huawei’s HarmonyOS operating system, saying that it will no longer support Android apps.

Meanwhile, we’ll have to wait until Huawei officially releases HarmonyOS NEXT.

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