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HarmonyOS 4 exceeds 100 million downloads



HarmonyOS 4 100 million downloads

Huawei today announced 100 million downloads for the HarmonyOS 4 operating system. This new HarmonyOS version was released on August 4th during the Huawei Developer Conference (HDC) 2023 event.

On the day of the launch, HarmonyOS recorded a rapid 1 million installations right after the start of public beta registration. HarmonyOS 4 comes with new improvements for the users and heavily worked on the personalization section of the adapted devices. It added new lock screen customizations including magazine unlock with lots of themes and wallpapers for a better lock screen experience.

Interactive feature such as Live View is also an eye-catching capability, which simplifies the user interactions of live feed and track the progress of the ongoing tasks inside the device.

On the other hand, the new Ark Engine enables fast graphics performance better than the last generation of HarmonyOS. The system now has improved fluency by 20% and battery life is extended by 30 minutes in the new HarmonyOS 4. That’s not it, this new Huawei software has better app launch efficiency to experience fast task execution.

Huawei also improved the privacy and security aspects of the phone including the reminders for the users to detect and delete risky applications from the smartphone.

HarmonyOS 4 100 million downloads

Source – Huawei

Rapid Progress:

The 100 million downloads of HarmonyOS 4 is a result of its rapid rollout for old devices. It acquired 5 million users within 2 weeks of launch. The mark later expanded to 10 million in a month and the company announced the next major milestone of 60 million user downloads at the annual flagship launch event on September 25.

Since its launch in 2019, Huawei has adopted new platforms for this operating system. As of October 2023, HarmonyOS supports smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, smart wearables, third-party electronics with the lowest amount of memory sizes, and in-car systems. The open-source and industry version of HarmonyOS supports enterprise-level of devices such as terminals and more.

According to past research data, the HarmonyOS operating system has reached 8% of the market share in China’s software industry and above 2% in the global market.


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