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Huawei Insider reacts to HarmonyOS dropping Android app support



HarmonyOS NEXT

It was previously reported that the HarmonyOS NEXT developer preview is no longer compatible with Android and the company would use such a change in HarmonyOS for smartphones by next year. Now an insider has responded to this matter and said that there are no relevant notice has been served internally. The insider was referring to HarmonyOS version compatibility with Android, saying that there’s no specific time available for that at the moment.

In September, Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group said that the next version of HarmonyOS will be called “HarmonyOS NEXT” and it’s ready for launch. Further details on the software reveal that it will remove traditional ASOP code and will only support HarmonyOS kernel with native HarmonyOS applications.

Based on this information, the Industry has also started to prepare for the change and wants to adopt a native application format.

HarmonyOS Next

Many of the Chinese internet companies NetEase, Meituan, and others have started recruiting new and experienced HarmonyOS developers. Such posts include researchers and project managers for HarmonyOS-based projects. Importantly, the salary package is also higher than a regular app development job role.

HarmonyOS is a cross-platform multi-device operating system released in 2019, in the subsequent year, the company adapted smartphone devices for this new operating system.

Initially, Huawei added Android open source code libraries to this software in order to run Android applications, a capability, which is still offered by the HarmonyOS. However, changing the app framework to outcast Android apps is likely to change how Huawei serves its smart software services.


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