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Cutting ties with Android, HarmonyOS NEXT is ready to release native HarmonyOS app ecosystem



HarmonyOS Next

Huawei recently made a big announcement on the progress made by HarmonyOS NEXT, which is coming soon with a native HarmonyOS app ecosystem.

The announcement came after HarmonyOS 4 completed over 60 million installations on devices. The software achieved such numbers within 2 months of launch.

Huawei confirmed that the HarmonyOS NEXT is ready to release and HarmonyOS native applications will be launched in full force with this new software. Yu Chengdong, the CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group said during the recent flagship product launch conference that a new chapter of mobile applications is about to begin.

He emphasized that the company has trained millions of HarmonyOS talents. The tech maker also laid a plan to invest billions of dollars to support the developer community, build a developer developer-friendly environment, and get new partners.

The company has aimed to launch apps in over 18 categories. To conclude, Yu Chengdong mentioned that these native HarmonoyOS applications will be smoother, smarter, and safer for the future generation of HarmonyOS.

HarmonyOS NEXT

HarmonyOS NEXT:

At the Huawei Developer Conference 2023, Huawei announced: “HarmonyOS NEXT”. It is a pure version of the HarmonyOS operating system without Android libraries. Once developed, the current version of HarmonyOS will be replaced by this pure HarmonyOS NEXT experience.

Android libraries?

Since its release in 2019, HarmonyOS featured open-source Android project libraries to support its app ecosystem. It means that Android apps could work on the HarmonyOS. The company took this step due to the initially weak native HarmonyOS app ecosystem.

After its unveiling in 2020 for smartphones, Huawei aggressively promoted HarmonyOS in China. And most of the Chinese developer community has become aware of this operating system.

Huawei made the HarmonyOS code open source, which expanded the HarmonyOS beyond the domain of Huawei itself. This action allowed HarmonyOS to reach many industry players to participate in ecosystem development.

Over the past four years, Huawei developed a strong HarmonyOS ecosystem with top developers and an open-source community in China. Now, cutting ties with Android support won’t be a big challenge for HarmonyOS NEXT and to deliver a full native HarmonyOS app experience.

Release Date:

Huawei announced at HDC 2023 that the HarmonyOS NEXT will start official developer beta activity in early 2024. This will be followed by a closed and public beta test ahead of the full release in public. However, Huawei has not shared any upgrade plans at the moment.

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