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HarmonyOS and EMUI creator leaving Huawei



It’s surely bad news to hear, that Huawei consumer business group software department president – Wan Chenglu is leaving Huawei. He has been known as the creator and leader of two core Huawei consumer-based software – HarmonyOS and EMUI and it’s heartbreaking to know that he’s making his way out of the Chinese tech giant’s shadow but there’s also an interesting side to this story.

According to the Chinese news sources, Dr. Wang Changlu, creator and leader of Huawei’s HarmonyOS and EMUI has left Huawei and is likely to join Shenzhen Kaihong Digital Industry Development Co., Ltd. The inputs reveal that he’s taking this step to further conduct his research on HarmonyOS operating system and expand the reach of this operating system for both consumer and industrial use cases.


Shenzhen Kaihong Digital Industry Development Co., Ltd. (Shen Kaihong) was established on August 26, 2021. This firm mainly focuses on the research and development of IoT operating systems. According to the listing, Shenzhen Kaihong has reportedly been seeing growth in HarmonyOS operating system in the industry.

The tech maker is one of the top contributors to the HarmonyOS operating system ecosystem and is committed to promoting high-tech companies in consumer IoT and Industry IoT businesses. There’s more, the firm is working closely with Huawei to promote HarmonyOS for the consumer market as well as for the industrial use cases.

If we dive more into this matter, we’ll get to know that Shenzhen Kaihong is a share holder-based firm that has participated in Hubble Technology, a wholly-owned company of Huawei Holding, an investment arm of Huawei.

This makes sense and Wang Chenglu’s participation in this company will further expand the reach of HarmonyOS, which could also be a major development to witness.

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Wang Chenglu:

Wang Changlu joined Huawei in 1998 and served as initially as President of the Core Network Product Line. Then he took over the ICT software infrastructure. However, his major accomplishment includes being in charge of the HarmonyOS operating system, ecosystem and technology R&D, and lifestyle management.

Furthermore, he has been responsible for EMUI and consumer cloud solutions, as well as consumer cloud, covers for solutions such as 1+8+N. Currently, Huawei has not confirmed such news via its official channel but we’ll keep you posted.

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